Though the majority of ProstAware’s funding comes from our wonderful sponsors, we welcome support from individuals concerned with improving the health of their community and loved ones. If you would like to donate to ProstAware, please provide all the information requested.

For every dollar you donate, we use:

  • 60% for education programs
  • 30% for special events
  • 10% for administration


The following original music tracks may be downloaded free-of-charge, however, your donations will help us create and provide more songs in the future.

About – Tell It Like It Is
The words and music of this song were written by Dr. Scott Miller, president of ProstAware. In composing Tell It Like It Is, he envisioned what a patient might experience shortly after learning about their diagnosis of prostate cancer. While evoking many emotions, both the music and message are uplifting. The ultimate goal is to gather prostate cancer survivors to re-record the original demo version.

This song is dedicated to the memory of Zachary Voeltz, MD. Dr. Voeltz dedicated his prematurely short career to the treatment of prostate cancer patients. He was a great surgeon, physician, and person. He is missed by many.

Dr. Miller would like to thank Johnny Andrews for providing his recording studio and his production talents for the recording of the demo. Johnny was not only very patient with Dr. Miller’s recording of the vocals and guitar, but he also provided the performances for the remaining tracks.

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