At ProstAware (“Prostate cancer awareness through music, technology, and sports”), we’ve dedicated ourselves to educating men and their loved ones about prostate health and how everyone can participate in the battle against prostate cancer:

  • Encouraging men to monitor their prostate health
  • Provide a centralized resource for prostate cancer awareness
  • Promote education and awareness through our annual Blue Ties event, local speaking engagements, and other community-based health programs

The ProstAware Difference

ProstAware follows a different path to engaging men and their loved ones in the discussion about watching out for prostate cancer. By tapping into the dynamic, exciting and imagination-rich worlds of music, technology, and sports, we give people an enjoyable, new way to open their minds to ProstAware’s important messages.

Our perspective separates ProstAware from other organizations:

  • We partner with groups that excel in government advocacy.
  • Because of our community-based focus, we channel our attention
    to local audiences, issues, and needs across all of the areas we serve.
  • Because we’re committed solely to prostate cancer awareness, we don’t
    operate expensive medical research and treatment programs.
  • Because we want to be as inclusive and balanced as possible, our board
    members include cancer survivors, physicians, and other people committed to
    the fight against prostate cancer.
  • Because most men have not been touched by prostate cancer, we use
    the fun and wonder of music, technology, and sports to generate an interest in this
    important issue.

Community Partnerships

The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition (GPCC), which was founded by survivors to promote education and early detection of the second-most fatal form of cancer among men, has announced a partnership with ProstAware.

The partnership brings together two of Georgia’s leading prostate cancer advocacy non-profit groups. To learn more, click here.

News and Media

Part of ProstAware’s mission also involves being available for the media to provide education about prostate health and how everyone can participate in the battle against prostate cancer. We post our media stories and video here.


ProstAware deeply appreciates the benefits that generous volunteers bring to the organization. If you would like to learn more about volunteering with ProstAware or
in other local activities, please inquire via the contact form.

Make a Donation

If you would like to donate to ProstAware, you may donate online using the Donate button below or you can download and fill out the donation form and mail it to us.  Please note that the donation form requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.