Amazing Artist Jared Emerson Wows Crowd At Falcons Landing

imageJarod Falcons painting

On Sunday, January 3rd 2016, a larger-than-life crowd surrounded Jared Emerson as he painted an incredible tribute to the Falcons on a large canvas – using his fingers rather than a brush. Within a matter of minutes, Jared created a one-of-a-kind image of Julio Jones in action. On Sunday, November 27th, Jared created the other half of the pass-rushing duo – Matt Ryan. His “live performance” style lives in the personality of the final work of art.

Now, one of Jared’s sought-after masterpieces could be yours.  And all proceeds will benefit prostate cancer awareness. To be notified of the auction details, please fill out our contact form.

Watch video: Jared and Julio